going to the chapel + we’re gonna get maaaaarrrrriiiieeeeeed!

OK, I’ll stop with the wedding music. (I bet you’re still humming though..)

So, you’ve found your person! Can we just take a second and do a happy dance for you guys?!

insert ace Ventura dance GIF here.

I’m so excited for you both + even more excited that you are considering me to document your big day! Trust me friend, I am flattered. This is kind of a big deal after all!

Which is why it’s so important that we get to know each other. Because when our vibes are good, we make magic happen. So, this is where you’ll find a little questionnaire that you get to fill out! This will help me get a sense of who you two are as a couple as well as individuals. It will give me a little sneak peek at what your wedding day is going to encompass + the overall feeling of your day. (Yes, I’m a feelings person)

So, get ready! Throw on your favorite Spotify playlist + get to it!

I cannot wait to hear all about you guys!

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Your Name
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Your Honey's Name
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When's the big day?!