i’m a little sarcastic & a huge goofball.

This is usually where the photographer has a professional photo of themselves either looking off in the distance or giggling about something while looking at a camera in their lap. Well, I hate to break it to ya friend, that ain’t me. So these are the pictures I chose. Because it shows exactly who I am. I’m a complete goofball & I absolutely love to make people laugh. It’s my thing.

I’m sure the fact that I am a wife to a retired US marine has something to do with my potty mouth & being a mom to three little girls has a lot to do with my “gonna get stuff done” mentality. I like to think that my little fam bam has helped mold me into who I was always meant to be. We’re a pretty fun gang to be around, just sayin’!

My drive and passion for photography comes from my dad for sure. Growing up he always told me “Do what you love & money will follow.” at 15, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. But as I got older, it started to make a lot more sense to me. And when he passed in 2010 I vowed to never work a day of my life if it wasn’t going to bring my heart joy.

When you look at my work my hope is that you see genuine connections unfolding. And that my work is something you can see on the walls of your own home one day. And friend, if we’re a good fit, I promise we’ll be chillin’ on the back porch with a couple beers in hand in no time!