Now the fun part, let's make a mood board! 

For this homework piece, I'd like you to use Pinterest and create a board!

I want you to really think about how you want your branding to look, what colours, textures and fonts you use. Then I want you to search for these things and pin them all to your board.  Please pin as many pins as you possibly can and make sure there is a lot of examples of logo designs and branding you resonate with. Here are some great search terms that I HIGHLY recommend - Please note the starred area is for you to input your own preferences. 

*colour of choice* Interior (e.g. blue interior)

Brand boards

Style Guides

*business of choice* Logo design  (e.g. photography logo design)

Colour Palettes

*Colour of choice* Colour Palettes (e.g. blue and pink colour palettes)



*colour of choice* Patterns



Below is an example of a mood board to get a better idea: 

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 1.13.21 PM.png