Meet The Hudson's

Allow me to introduce you to Paige + her husband- they were one of the lucky giveaway winners! And can I just say, I am so glad they won this session! Not only were they incredibly photogenic but they have the sweetest souls EVER. As a photographer (and I’m sure a lot of other photographer friends can relate) I’m used to the chicks being down for whatever I throw at them during their shoot (figuratively, I promise I don’t throw anything physically at my clients!) typically the guys are a little more apprehensive about the experience + most have been bribed to show up and smile.

Brandon was far from the typical guy. He was all about it + at times even guided Paige along. And by guided I mean he would happily shout “look at me!” while running and holding hands. He had me rolling quite a few times with his enthusiasm. It was honestly, a breath of fresh air. More of you guys need to hop on his band wagon ok?!

So basically, our time together was spent laughing + learning how terrible Paige is at jumping into Brandon’s arms.. also followed by more laughs! All in all we had a great time together + the outcome was bliss!