Meet The Hudson's

Allow me to introduce you to Paige + her husband- they were one of the lucky giveaway winners! And can I just say, I am so glad they won this session! Not only were they incredibly photogenic but they have the sweetest souls EVER. As a photographer (and I’m sure a lot of other photographer friends can relate) I’m used to the chicks being down for whatever I throw at them during their shoot (figuratively, I promise I don’t throw anything physically at my clients!) typically the guys are a little more apprehensive about the experience + most have been bribed to show up and smile.

Brandon was far from the typical guy. He was all about it + at times even guided Paige along. And by guided I mean he would happily shout “look at me!” while running and holding hands. He had me rolling quite a few times with his enthusiasm. It was honestly, a breath of fresh air. More of you guys need to hop on his band wagon ok?!

So basically, our time together was spent laughing + learning how terrible Paige is at jumping into Brandon’s arms.. also followed by more laughs! All in all we had a great time together + the outcome was bliss!

The Lorance Crew

If there’s one thing I love about this profession, it’s the sweet souls I get to meet!

The Lorance Crew was no exception to that rule. These three were such a blast to work with + I’m thoroughly bummed out that they are heading off to Texas permanently this winter. Looks like I’m going to need to plan a little trip to the longhorn state because these guys are some of my personal favorites.. EVER.

We decided to hit up the beach for their family session because little Hudson had never been to the beach before (it’s about a 7 hour drive for them to have a beach day..) + why not have some family moments in the sand + surf to remember the east coast by?!

I was definitely expecting Hudson to shove fistfuls of sand in his mouth + to burst out in tears at the feeling of his first wave hitting his toes. You know, like most little babes respond. But Hudson is obviously way too chill to fall into the category of a “normal baby” + didn’t just let the waves touch his toes delicately.. no, no, no. . . this kid took a wave straight to the face, fell on his back + laid there happily for several seconds. Completely content with the situation + when he managed to get up, he crawled straight towards the water.. annnnd about gave his momma and I a heart attack..

While dad stood there proudly, I might add!

And while Hudson enjoyed the sand, momma & daddy were totally cool with all my promptings for their couples portraits. We pretended to walk drunk together (see those ones below because they are some of my personal favorites EVER) & had some surprise tackles thrown into the mix. Needless to say we had lots of fun splashing around together + enjoying the Carolina sunset.

It was an evening well spent.

Check out some of my personal favorites from their session below!

( PS: Peep that last photo.. Mr.Hudson took that one himself! )


Cody + Lexie were MADE for each other. Seriously, Lexie had to be one of my most chill brides ever. She was in “go-with-the-flow” mode from the very first moment we talked on the phone. When she told me all about her wedding vision, I knew that we would be a great fit! I mean, rustic boho vibes? Come on ya’ll, who doesn’t love those?!

Lexie and I primarily did our conversation through FaceTime as she was on the west coast until about a month before her wedding day! Planning a wedding down the road is difficult.. but try planning a wedding from a distance! Let’s just say I’m AMAZED at how calm, cool & collected Lexie was throughout the planning process.

She showed up on her wedding day in a boot — we won’t talk about her issue with clumsiness.. (trust me sister, I feel ya) but she took it off for the day (sorry doc!) and rocked the heck out of some super awesome boots under her dress. Basically she was the epitome of a bride who stayed true to who she was & made sure her day was unapologetically THEM.

From the sunflower bouquets to the beautiful venue (BUTTERFLY KISSES PAVILION IN NEW BERN IS MAGICAL) and the simplicity of her gown, everything oozed rustic boho! The sweet hand written vows they read to one another were enough to make me tear up a bit. Let’s just say my viewfinder was a bit hazy ok?

Once the deed was done & the two were announced as ONE the party kicked off! There were beers shotgunned, crazy dance offs had & a little bit of cake smashing too. Basically, this was my kind of wedding with my kind of people! Take a look at some of my favorites from the day!