Hello Amazing Human, I’m Mandie!


Alright, real quick. If there’s two things you should know about me the first is that I am a mom of three little girls. Yes, ALL GIRLS. Which is what fuels my love for Starbucks coffee + target shopping sprees. The second thing you should know about me.. I am a true crime junkie! Seriously, I have all of my favorite true-crime podcasts saved on my phone + listen to them religiously. But don’t ask me to sit down and watch a horror movie because your girl won’t make it through without covering her eyes at least 2,304 times.

I found my love for photography when Britney Spears had her massive breakdown. Yeah, your girl was learning the ins and outs of photoshop while Britney was shaving her head. If that tells you anything about my age, well.. you know what? That is irrelevant here. But on a more serious note, I am incredibly lucky to be in a field I love + making it work for myself and my family. Plus, I’ve gotten to meet some pretty awesome people along the way + am always building my backyard bbq invite list up! BYOB!

My number one goal is to leave people better than when I found them. Life is too short not to give another person a reason to smile. To laugh hystarically until they pee their pants (occasionally). Or to just simply be there. So yeah, this is about so much more than just clicking a button + taking a photo. This is about investing time with you + really getting to know what makes you unique. What sets you apart. What makes you shine.

Because this world needs it.

We all need it Friend.


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